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Dubai Airport Guide – All You Need to Know

One of the major airline hubs in the Middle East, the Dubai airport is the international airport of Dubai. Located on the northeast of Dubai in the Al Garhoud district, the Dubai airport is operated by the Department of Civil Aviation. The airport is home to the interracially recognized flights like the Emirates  and Flydubai.

Dubai Airlines

The two main Dubai airlines operating out of the Dubai International Airport are Emirates Airlines and Flydubai. However there are additionally about 130+ airlines that fly to Dubai on regular basis including passanger and cargo aviation.

Emirates Airlines in Dubai

Emirates airline Dubai is the largest airline carrier which operates out of the Dubai International Airport. Comprising of a fleet of over 185 Airbus and Boeing aircraft the Emirates airline Dubai carries out flights to all parts of the world, excluding Antarctica. The flights operate from the Terminal 3 concourse A and B and occasionally from Terminal 1 of the Dubai airport.

Flydubai and 130+ Dubai airlines

Welcome to Fly-Dubai.com. We have collected the best and most essential information about how to fly to Dubai with Flydubai airlines, Emirate Airlines or any of the other 130+ airlines that fly to Dubai. This website is for you who look for cheap flight tickets to Dubai and want travel tips, Flydubai or Dubai airport information.

Fly to Dubai with Flydubai or Emirates Airlines

For most people that fly to Dubai, the first time is nothing short of a dream come true. They are flying to Dubai either for an exciting vacation or have been invited for a Dubai job interview. Most probably they will fly to Dubai with Flydubai or the Emirates Airlines since theese airlines are the two major Dubai airlines that fly to Dubai on daily basis. Whatever the case with you, it's important that you follow some important travel tips described below:

Before You Fly to Dubai – Travel Tips You Should Know

Personal belongings when you fly to Dubai with Flydubai or the Emirates

Make sure you always keep all your personal belongings together when you fly to Dubai. The security onboard any Flydubai or Emirates Airlines aircraft is very high. But not all people are honest. You'll need your belongings frequently during the journey and therefore, it's a good idea to keep them all in hand luggage inside the Flydubai or Emirates aircraft.

Electrical gadgets onboard Flydubai flights

Do not stuff your laptop or other gadgets deep down in your luggage. At security check point at the Dubai airport, you'd be required to take them out and have them checked. Laptops and other gagdgets are placed on trays for a security check at any Dubai airport departure flight. You may end up spending a lot of time at checkpoint if these are not kept at locations where retrieval is quick and hassle-free.

Check with Flydubai or Emirates Airlines baggage allowance

Flydubai and Emirates Airlines have limitations for baggage allowance. Before you pack your luggage, make sure you're well aware of the exact baggage allowance that goes with your Dubai flight booking. Did you use the Flydubai online booking you should have recieved an email with instructions and restrictions for you Dubai flight booking. Not all airlines follow the same set of rules. So, it's important you check it on the Flydubai or Emirates Airlines (or any other airline that fly to Dubai) website or make a phone call to their support center.

To heavy luggage for Flydubai?

Most Dubai airlines allow up to two bags. The total weight of each bag cannot be more than 32 kilograms. These rules may vary depending upon the airline in question as well as the fare type. In general your hand baggage weight is allowed to be up to 7 kilograms. If you are lucky you can check in even more luggage if the flight has space for it. You are allowed to check in 3 pieces of baggage.

Don't excess baggage with airlines that fly to Dubai

If you must carry some excess baggage, make sure it has been packed separately. Do not try to pack it with other bags or you'll just exceed the standard limit. If that does happen, you'll have to adjust weights before you can fly to Dubai!

Changing flights when flying with to FlyDubai

If you're changing flights on the way when you fly to Dubai, make sure you get rid of old tags on the baggage. The baggage system at airports on your route may misinterpret the information very easily.

Flight delayes caused by cardboard boxes

Do NOT use cardboard boxes for packing your luggage. Many people, when flying to Dubai and other destinations, do that to save time. It won't cause any trouble but you'll have to wait longer for checks at the airport. Automated systems won't be able to check the luggage inside cardboard boxes. It has to be done manually and hence, consumes more time.

Travel insurance before you fly with Flydubai

If you're going on vacation, it's advisable to buy travel insurance before you fly to Dubai with Flydubai or any other airline. Although it's one of the safest cities in the world, you still need some coverage in case a costly belonging is lost on the way or any untoward incident takes place.

Visa at Dubai Airport

Call your airline and ask them to provide the details of visa requirements at Dubai airport. You should know well in advance about all rules and regulations that you're supposed to follow and various documents that you need to carry along.

Liquids when you fly to Dubai with Flydubai Airlines

Passengers flying to or from Dubai are not allowed to carry liquids in excess of hundred milliliters. That means, a single container that you're carrying should not have more than 100ml of liquid.