Emirates Airlines in Dubai

Emirates Airlines in Dubai

Emirates airline Dubai is the largest airline carrier which operates out of the Dubai International Airport. Comprising of a fleet of over 185 Airbus and Boeing aircraft the Emirates airline Dubai carries out flights to all parts of the world, excluding Antarctica. The flights operate from the Terminal 3 concourse A and B and occasionally from Terminal 1 of the Dubai airport.

Dubai international airport is the busiest airport in the world, according to the international passenger traffic. The airport is home to three major airline carriers which include the Emirates airline, SkyCargo and the FlyDubai.

SkyCargo is a subsidiary of the Emirates airlines and is the all cargo carrier which flies to all parts of the world, the FlyDubai is low-cost airline which flies to several destinations around the globe.

Emirates airline comprising of the very latest and finest aircrafts at service, offers flights to and from Dubai to more than 120 destinations around the globe. The Emirates fleet has the most advanced and largest passenger aircraft in the world in form of the Emirates A380. The A380 flies to over 20 destinations for now.

The Emirates airline Dubai fleet also includes and operates the Boeing 777. The Emirates fleet has so many Boeing 777’s that it is the largest operator of the aircraft in the world. The Boeing 777 because of its ultra-luxurious design and performance, promises the best in-flight experience to all the passengers travelling by it. Given its pros, the aircraft also forms the backbone of Emirates airline in Dubai.

Emirate Airlines, a Class Apart

A class in itself, this airline operates Emirate flights across six continents, logs more than 1200 flights in a week and is by far the largest airline operator in the Middle East.

From humble beginnings of just two aircrafts, the airline that started operations on 25th October, 1985 today has a fleet of over 190 aircrafts and operates regular flights to 120 destinations in 70 countries.

The geography and the fleet are only expanding as customer loyalty demands more service from the airline. Aircrafts in the airline include – Boeings, A350s, A380s and Airbuses.  The dedicated A380 hub at Emirate Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is one of its kind in the world; it offers a rich travel experience with a faster boarding time.

The government of Dubai owned carrier, treated as an independent business, is a thriving business that is reporting profit each year after the 3rd year of its operation. For the year 2011-12, Emirates carried over 34 million passengers and ferried over 1.8 million tons of cargo.

Other than the economy class, the business and first class emirate flights provide state of the art air travel space, with special features like Timeless Spa for express treatment and a variety of dining options.

Emirate today is a reputed name in travel and tourism industry that is respected for providing a high quality of travel experience with multitude of daily emirate flights.

Tickets of any class, suiting ones needs, can be booked online or through reputed travel agents in any city. Baggage policy of Emirates varies in accordance to class and destination one is flying to. Lest you are disappointed for not being permitted under the baggage policy to carry your favorite bag, it is important to be familiar with baggage rules before one gets to the airport.

Economy class passengers are allowed to carryon on 7Kg load of cabin baggage and those travelling business or first class can carry up to 12 Kg cabin baggage.

Do check out the latest guidelines of the airline put on Emirate Airline website before one heads for the airport as it would help you to comply with the baggage rules of the carrier.

Specific rules about carrying of musical instruments, sports gear, perfumes, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages apply with the airline.

An award winning world class culinary team caters to meet the taste bud needs of a wide range of passengers who travel with Emirates Airlines. Delicacies and fine wines could differ for different class of passengers.

For brand loyalty Emirates Skywards program, which has more than 5 million customers on its rolls, the airline rewards passengers with blue, silver and gold cards.

Economy class passengers would need to travel 50,000 miles (80,000 Km) or more in a year to qualify for silver tier category passenger.

After logging the required number of miles to qualify for a blue, silver or gold tier passenger, Emirates provides extra suitable facilities under the loyalty program.